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I’ve just made a donation to The Hello Seven Foundation to provide cash for life-changing and life-saving services to Black mothers in need.

Every mother deserves excellent care—before, during, and after giving birth.

Having professional support—like a doula, night nurse, and access to reliable childcare—makes all the difference in the world to allow mothers to have a healthy delivery, recover from childbirth, get adequate sleep, make a good living and take excellent care of themselves and their babies.

Unfortunately, not every woman receives the support that she needs.

Due to economic inequity and systemic racism, Black mothers tend to receive the worst care of all. Black women are 3 to 5 times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white women. More than 60% of these deaths are preventable.

Will you join me in making a powerful impact in a mother’s life, and the life of her children?

You can learn more and make a donation at

Let’s create change now.

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