We're no longer accepting applications to work with us, but don't worry — we're not abandoning you.

You can still work with Hello Seven!

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Here's the criteria to work with Hello Seven:


You're a woman or you want to be in a community with badass broads.


You're a professional who is looking to pursue wealth. That may be through starting business, investing or climbing the corporate ladder. 


You would love to increase your income by 30% (minimum) over the next few months, and hit seven figures within 3 years.


You are kind, cool, and coachable.


You want to upgrade your social circle and start hanging with bosses, leaders, people with a high-quality mindset.


You want to stop making broke-ass decisions and start making million dollar decisions.


You want to hang with Rachel Rodgers and her badass team.


You are committed to being an anti-racist

*The situation*

I’ve already run a mastermind program that helped women reach seven figures, and my clients got awesome results from that program. However, joining the mastermind is $25,000. For many women, that level of investment is just not doable right now, and I get that. In the past, I’ve been in that position myself—wanting to grow, but not having the funds to invest in myself. It sucks to feel stuck like that. 

I’ve been asking myself, “What could I offer to my community that’s super affordable—while still providing big results?”

*The solution*