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“Rachel is captivating. She makes you feel like you can truly do anything with the right mindset.” 
I deliver smart, practical, and always entertaining presentations that demand MORE from my audience.

As a woman of color entrepreneur myself, I’m intimately familiar with what it takes to develop resilience and demand more for myself, and that’s a contagion I’m eager to share. I’m allergic to boredom and offended by bad powerpoint. My goal is always to teach content with true value for the audience, openly share my stories, and have a damn good time while doing it. 

Finding the right speaker, who matches the vision you have for your event isn’t easy. Let me share with you how I connect with audiences, and how I can help with your next event. 
I speak at major events, such as...
"Rachel is captivating. She makes you feel like you can truly do anything with the right mindset. Her no-bull approach to business is a breath of fresh air to our industry and she 100% delivered on value to our community of creators at Craft + Commerce."  
Alexis Teichmiller, Affiliate Manager, ConvertKit
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I am uniquely qualified to talk the talk. And I walk it.

Over the years, I’ve been to hundreds of conferences, and there are very few women and almost no people of color in these spaces. That means that issues that are specific to women aren’t being discussed and forget about issues that people of color experience while running a business. 

I have been sexually harassed at these events, sat through endless juvenile dick jokes, was told to stand up and share a “lady win” (because apparently lady wins are different than just, you know, wins #ffs), was not allowed to participate in the #whiteboyclique and overheard some very racist shit. And despite all that, I still managed to learn a thing or two and get value out of these experiences (which speaks more to my resiliency as a woman of color than these events). But the main thing I learned from these experiences is that …

We deserve better.

I’ve developed content that speaks directly to the pain points I’ve witnessed through the years. Each topic can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of your event.

My most popular keynotes...


Women making millions is key to solving the world’s biggest problems. In order to see the change we want to see, we need money. To donate to causes, to back political candidates, and to create the lives we want, withOUT depending on anyone else. Anything that you want. It’s okay to want that. And it’s okay to be ambitious. I believe all women should not only WANT to be millionaires, but they should also be armed with everything I’ve learned.


The days of simply posting on Instagram and making a donation are over. Your customers and community will only support businesses that support them. In this talk, I'll share how businesses can begin to show and prove their commitment to building an antiracist organization that provides a safe place to work for BIPOC employees, a great experience for BIPOC customers and a strong bottomline.


Self-made millionaires develop multiple streams of income in order to build wealth. In fact, 65% of them had 3 streams of income established before crossing that $1M threshold. The key? IP. In this talk, I share how you can identify the intellectual property you have and then turn that intellectual property into a source of additional revenue.


While many of your peers aren’t hiring, and are therefore doing the very most—working over time and burning the midnight oil—you know better. If you’re going to become a Million Dollar Badass, you have to become a Million Dollar Manager, because you can’t do this alone. In this talk, I demystify the hiring process and share best practices for leading your team to greatness.

...which I customize to your event, of course

The keynotes above reflect the range of business and entrepreneurship expertise I've spoken about. I can, and do, speak on a lot of them but these topics are far from exhaustive. If you think I’d be a great fit to give a talk on a different topic, I’d love to hear about it.

Finally, please know that while I have honed these presentation topics, I always customize them to meet the needs of your audience and the goals of your event.

I want to make your event memorable.

Here’s what you can expect when I speak at your event:

– An initial phone consultation so I can understand your needs and the goals of your event. I will share some of my initial ideas to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

– I will announce your event on my website, podcast and social media.

– I will deliver a killer, professional presentation that is educational and memorable, designed to empower your audience and share my expertise with them. 

– After the event, we’ll have a quick debrief so that I can hear from you how things went. I want to make sure that I met your expectations, and I am always looking for ways to improve my future presentations. 

Thank you for considering me! 
I so appreciate you thinking of having me speak at your event. I'd love the opportunity to connect with you and your audience, and I can’t wait to talk about your vision!
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